Financial Fitness For Your Homeownership Journey


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Are you Ready to Purchase a Home?

Financial Fitness for Homeownership

Become a homeowner sooner with our free all-in-one financial fitness app.  Access all the tools you need to set, follow and achieve all your homeownership goals. 


What Do Our App Users Say?

Real-Time Credit Reporting

Track & Improve Your Credit Score

Real-time credit reporting includes factors that influence your current credit score.  With the Manifest With Us app, you can simulate different credit scenarios – like opening new lines of credit and paying off debts – to see how your score would be affected.  This allows you to make educated decisions that will benefit your overall financial health.  Credit scores and reports are refreshed every seven days. 

Assess Your Mortgage Readiness

See where you stand against the typical mortgage guidelines.  Identify which areas you need to work on before finding your dream home.  Based on your results, you will be served up a dynamic action plan to guide you to the app features most relevant to your homebuyer journey.  

Keep Your Personal Data Private

Private & Secure Home Searches

Stay off of Zillow & RedFin where your personal information is collected and sold to other businesses as a lead.  With the Manifest With Us app, your personal data stays private and you won’t be bombarded with emails about products from other companies.  

Track Your Home Value

Get an accurate estimate of what your home is worth with bank-rated valuation, and link your existing mortgage to get real-time updates on how much equity you’ve built. 

Improve Your Financial Literacy

Learn About the Mortgage Process

Improve your knowledge of the mortgage process by watching short home buying videos in the app.  Additional resources explain mortgage terms, mortgage programs, the mortgage process, and factors that impact your credit.